Nelisquare - a feature rich client for maemo & meego


Nelisquare is a feature rich client for FourSquare social network.
Check-in into places, earn mayorships, score your friends!

Features list

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There are three types of Nelisquare setups available:

Nelisquare available with binary deb packets for both: maemo5 and meego devices.

Meego - N9

The Nelisquare is in process for Ovi Store approval, so for now you can just download debs from my build server.

Maemo5 - N900

Minimal requirements: CSSU #4.1 have to be installed at your N900!

Latest stable version are available at maemo-extras repository!
Enable extras-testing or extras-devel and find "nelisquare" package.


If any problems, tweet @basil_s

Community forum

General discussion forum is located at TMO:
Feel free to communicate! Generate and vote for ideas!

About the Nelisquare

Design by Kim Venetvirta
Coding by Basil Semuonov

Theming support

Nelisquare has internal theming engine and two predefined themes are supplied.
In future releases you will be able to customize your theme at settings screen.

Light theme

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Dark theme

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Autoupdate system

Nelisquare has internal update system.

By default all new users are switched to "stable" version check. You can select any desired type of update notifications at options screen, (pic 1)

On application startup, or when changing desired update type at settings, nelisquare checks the latest build available at my build server. If new build is available updater shows you an popup which describes the update: type, version, build number and changelog if available (pic 2).

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After pushing the "Update" button, new version will be downloaded, and you have to tap to install it. integration

Always wanted to create and upload ""-style photos to foursquare?
You can simply achieve this with Nelisquare!

Step 1. Install application & get account

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After installing you have to restart nelisquare!
At this step you have to create account if you dont have one.

Step 2. Integrate into Nelisquare

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Step 3. It's time to have fun!


Step 4. Make a cool photo
This is just ordinary use of application:

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Step 5. Push da button! Just push the upload button and wuola!
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Now you can upload cool photos!